Morton’s Neuroma Surgery

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So you’re having pain in the forefoot?

The sharp-shooting pain, pebble like sensation on the bottom of your foot. The burning, numbness, tingling sensations in the ball of the foot through to the toes. The pain in high-heels or tight fitting footwear and the discomfort during activity or throbbing during the night.

Chances are these symptoms experienced are relating to an irritated or entrapped nerve called a neuroma.

If you’ve been experiencing these pains, you should consult with Dr Chris Pocklington for an accurate diagnosis and management plan

First Line of Treatment

Your podiatrist may have already trialled conservative therapies to reduce symptoms such as footwear modifications, orthoses and padding and injection therapies which make up the mainstay of conservative options.

At Momentum Podiatry and Western Podiatric Surgery our podiatrists and podiatric surgeons specialise in all conservative treatment options for Morton’s Neuroma’s.

We use the latest clinical techniques and imaging available to accurately assess the situation and help manage your condition with the most appropriate treatment options.

When Is Surgery Needed?

Surgery is considered for those who have not responded well to traditional first-line treatments. Whilst conservative treatment options provide relief for many patients, those who do not get the required benefits may require a surgical excision of the entrapped nerve. This type of procedure is referred to as a ‘neurectomy’.

The procedure can be done as a day-surgery and has a very quick recovery time, often ambulating in a post-operative shoe immediately post-surgery.

If you’ve had ongoing symptoms that have not been adequately addressed with conservative measures you should book a consult with Dr Chris Pocklington today to see how surgery may be appropriate for you.