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Fees and Rebates

Consulting Fees

Dr Pocklington’s (Podiatric Surgeon) consult fees are rebateable by a variety of private health insurers, medicare, workers compensation and department of veteran’s affairs.


Claremont (Main Location)

Initial Surgical Consultation: $160

Follow-up Surgical Consultation: $120


Please inquire with the practice you are consulting Dr Pocklington (Podiatric Surgeon) at, as fees may vary from clinic

Office-Based Surgeries

Dr Pocklington (Podiatric Surgeon) is able to perform a variety of procedures as ‘office-based’ procedures under local anaesthesia in the setting of his surgery rooms. Common procedures such as nail surgeries, and wart removals fall under this category.


These fees are rebateable on the spot through HICAP’s with most leading private health insurers.


Your surgeon will discuss fees as they vary depending on procedure type.

Hospital-Based Surgeries

For the majority of procedures Dr Pocklington (Podiatric Surgeon) will perform in a private hospital setting. Dr Pocklington (Podiatric Surgeon) has three operating theatres at which he operates;


  • The Park Private Hospital (Main Hospital) (Link)
  • McCourt Street Day Surgery
  • UWA Podiatric Surgery Theatre


Often the hospital is dependent on a variety of factors such as the type of procedure, duration of procedure, anaesthesia required and if overnight facilities are needed.


Fees charged depend on the type and complexity of the procedure. A printed estimate including item numbers will be given to you during your appointment which can be submitted to your insurer.


Health funds such as HBF will provide coverage for procedures.

Theatre and Prostheses Fees

Health insurance coverage of hospital costs varies between insurers. Some health funds will cover 100% of the costs whilst some smaller insurers pay only the default amount towards hospital fee’s.


Your surgeon will guide you through potential fees and coverage.

Anaesthetist Fees

If an anaesthetist is required for your operation you will be supplied with an informed financial consent regarding your anaesthetic fees and how these should be paid, prior to your procedure.

Payment Plans

Interest-free payment plans are available with MiFund.


Ask your surgeon if you would like to know more.

Uninsured Fees

We are provide discounted options to uninsured patients.