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Why Choose Us

At Western Podiatric Surgery we are the specialists in everything foot and ankle. As dual qualified surgeons we can appreciate the complex nature of the foot and help resolve issues both conservatively and, if required, surgically.


There are many distinct advantages to choosing a skilled podiatric surgeon such as Dr. Chris Pocklington.

Personalised Care

We maintain our focus for our surgeon to be your point of contact throughout your treatment journey.


We keep a close eye on all our patients during the surgical process to ensure a smooth, transparent and complication free process.


We choose not to offload our postoperative appointments and dressing changes to GP’s and Nursing Staff as we like to personally oversee your results and attend to any questions at any point of your surgery.

Faster Recovery

We focus on minimally invasive and conservative surgical approaches. Our procedures offer immediate or early weight-bearing.


Smaller incisions and keyhole surgeries offer not only great cosmesis, but early healing reduces the chance of postoperative complications such as infection, and most importantly allow you to return to activity sooner.

Latest Techniques

We keep up to date with the latest procedures, technologies and implants offered. This gives us the distinct advantage of being able to offer many more efficient and safer surgeries.

Advanced Pain Management

Our surgeons minimise post-operative discomfort by using advance pain management techniques, minimal incisions, modern prosthesis and implants, and personally tailored postoperative plans to make your recovery a painless experience


Although pain is subjective and differs from person to person, it is not uncommon for our patients to experience minimal or no postoperative discomfort.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Our main clinic is situated in a multidisciplinary team, with access to the some of the states leading sports doctors, physiotherapists and exercise physiologists should further rehab or conservative care of your condition be required.